My Services

Domain Registration / Domain Transfers

Need help registering a new domain. I can register and transfer it, to it’s destination.

Hosting Plans

I will pair you with the best hosting provider for your dynamic needs.

Website Development

All sites are built & curated with the best Content Management System, WordPress.

Website Design

Before a website can be developed, it must be designed. I personally design all my works.

Logo Design

Start your business presence off RIGHT with a new logo. Or just need a logo re-design? I do that too. Simple to complex design services available.

Computer Building / Component Inquiries (What Parts Should I Use?)

Looking to build a PC fit for gaming? Great for video editing? Or powerful enough to run multiple monitors?

I have extensive knowledge on everything PC. From Motherboards, to Power Supply. I will help you build a PC in your budget, while giving you insight on the workings of each component.

My Skills

Computer Infrastructure


Website Development


Database Management

Types of Sites


An eCommerce website is a site people can directly buy products from. Most big brands have one. Any website that includes a shopping cart and a way for you to provide credit card information for purchases, fall into this category. (e.g.,,…)


A blog is a website with regularly added posts, images, and multimedia. It gives you the ability to write about topics of interest and share with others.


Portfolio websites are sites used for showing examples of past work & projects. Consultants (artists, or anyone) who want to show clients the quality of work they produce can benefit from a portfolio website.


A business website is any website that’s devoted to representing a specific business. It should be branded like the business (same logo) and communicate the types of products or services the business offers.

Every business should have a website. It’s almost an expectation.


Not all websites exist in prospect to make money. Many people find value in personal websites to put their thoughts into the world. This includes personal blogs, vlogs, and photo diaries.

Usually a single page site.