What I do

I am a self taught computer wiz, excellent in website design & development and I dabble in a, little bit of everything. I majority wise, am editing video or photos. I use my Wacom tablet for most of my work.

I describe myself & work as esoteric, although I can work & accommodate any design style. As a designer and developer on a site, I’ll accentuate user experience.

My Learning

I studied Computer Science for 2 years in Uni, until I realized there was a more efficient way. I started self teaching. Took knowledge from the public domain. And set off into (what I call) world of consulting.

Earning a degree is no longer a requirement for these big corporations such as Google, Apple, Airbnb and alike. Some top employees are self taught.

My Top Learning Sources

  •  Udemy
    • Coding Semantics
  • Professor Messer
    • Computer Infrastructure
    • Networking Protocols
    • Troubleshooting Processes
  • Mozilla Web Docs (MDN)
    • Development Inquiries
  • Stack Overflow
    • Development Inquiries

Top way of learning… Doing It!


Brand Affiliation

I am a brand affiliate with A2 Hosting. They are the hosting provider I use to publish ALL my sites. I receive a small commission for each client referred. My clients are never obligated to use them but there is great benefit in using a host I am familar with & trust.